Nicky. In. Progress.

–and something about design, writing, being an art student and whatnot

The Beginning.

I’ve been using this site to chronicle my progress from first year of college, and though I never use this site anymore I feel it appropriate. I’d like to show the pride and joy of my final year:

If you’ve watched the uncolored version, you already know what this is about. It should come to no surprise that the inspiration for all this is yours truly. It tells about the anxieties of a fresh graduate looking for a job. It applies to most others, but it is also an autobiography.

I do see clocks in my head. Sometimes a gun. It tells me that if I don’t improve soon, I will die. The working world is competitive and ruthless. I don’t lose confidence when talking in an interview like the main character, but I am always anxious to find out the result. I haven’t even started calling for work yet, but that’s how I imagine it’ll be. A dozen rejections before even a chance at an interview.

But most memorable to me personally, is the girl.

My ex, though we were still together then. That look of disappointment is straight out of my insecure nightmares. I was already stressed with work, and when she started distancing herself I lost someone to take comfort in. Suddenly I came upon this realization that I might not be good enough, and no one was there to tell me “it’s ok.”

I’ve always had to rely on my will to survive. That’s where the moniker comes from. May be very small progress, but progress nonetheless.

And so here we are, the end of college (and by extension, maybe the end of this blog? since I doubt my employers will let me talk about my projects before they’re released). Despite being bombarded mentally and emotionally by work stress, family problems and EXCRUCIATING heartbreak, I’m alive. I pat myself on the head and say, “keep walking.”

Perhaps that’s the true ending to the animation? It ends soon after the protagonist is surrounded by a million ticking clocks, but does he overcome it?

Well let’s just see what happens…


It begins.


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