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Glitched Out

I know what you’re thinking.

“Where the fuck have I been?”

I was interning at Game Innovation Programme (Formerly MIT Gambit Game Lab) and made a game in 14 weeks. Where’s the result? Thing’s a bit blurry right now but I’m not sure I have portfolio rights quite yet. See, we SHOULD have portfolio rights at the end, but my group’s product owner seems interested in buying off the rights to develop it further. Is this a good thing? Maybe, but last time I heard the portfolio rights are still being negotiated.

Last 3 weeks of internship I had to get back to school already, doing work for BOTH. When the internship’s finally over, there’s STILL stuff to finalize (marketing collaterals, then I have to come over for Media Day). School side, I’m not even going to mention what I need to do.

The killers include: Minute-long 2D animation and experimental animation using glitches.

The annoying add-ons: After Effects, Media Law, making this one website-cum-video game.

Yeah I still sleep 8 hours. It’s not the lack of sleep, it’s just that I didn’t get a break from work at all. Last week was my birthday and all I did was eat dinner. I have a 3DS now so I can play, but for like an hour or two at most. Not overworked, just feeling tired and somewhat lazy.

Also, since 3rd year’s work involves big projects, I can’t really show anything off. Here’s one. It’s an experimental animation. I’m experimenting with glitches, so I essentially break my movie files. Datamoshing’s an old technique, but hey it’s different so why not.

datamosh-glitch-art-animation-3 datamosh-glitch-art-animation-4 datamosh-glitch-art-animation-2 datamosh-glitch-art-animation-1


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