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Weekend Practicing

Maan, this place is so quiet.

I’ve drawn quite a bit but I can’t show any of them since I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement for my game development internship. It’s been an enlightening experience not just from my work, but from stories my friends tell of their experience.

It also reminds me of a fact that I’ve known for a while.

Yes, I get awards. Yes, I get good internships. Yes, I get good grades, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s enough. Grades don’t make an artist, art makes an artist! And I’m not yet content with my level of skill, especially since I’ll need to get a job next year.

True, I never stop practicing, but at what? I practice 3D Animation, modelling, illustration. This Spaceship was a result of practice, and that’s all fine and dandy but what about actual traditional drawing? Here are some gesture drawings, but when was that?

I’m outta practice. I don’t draw humans all that well, and I’m trying to face that fact.


We practice.


(For some reason my blue is super saturated here. I didn’t work like this of course, it was a very grey and subtle blue)

Done over the weekend since I leave for work at 7 AM – 7 PM now (that includes commute), but a bit of practice is better than no practice.

Hopefully one day I can draw like this:


One comment on “Weekend Practicing

  1. Wibisono
    June 10, 2013

    Practice makes perfect, but perfect is not for human being 😀

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