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College, then Practice, then Internship

That title explains the next few months.

As you know I finished my Fishman Waiting for the Bus animation for my finals this semester. Also, I have an internship at SUTD Game Lab (formerly Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab), the internship of mah dreamz, a week after. Semester break which was supposed to be months long now became a single week, and you know me, I’m all about progress.

So? ‘ere ya go!

I bought a month’s subscription to Digital Tutors with the money I saved by cooking instead of eating out (college cooking ftw!). Shame I can’t put this in a portfolio or something, but it’s from a tutorial so essentially I’ll have roughly the same animation as anyone who does that course, but whatever, the most important thing is that I learned some new tricks 😀

My college’s animation courses are cool. I did Digital Tutors just to get the extra stuff that’ll give me the edge, especially since next year I’ll be doing my Final Year Project.

The “progress” in “nickyinprogress” ain’t just for show 😛



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