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This I’ve Already Known

by Nikita P. Wibisono

A man walked in front of me
As I walked my way home.
He will be shot soon after.
This I’ve already known.

I walked a different path then
Saw a man run over.
I took a different road but
Another man came closer.

Told of a man by the street
Who’d show me a way for free.
Another man ran and told
His toll for this was me.

One dead at every corner.
No pavement there unstained.
No trail from here unhaunted.
So here I stand ingrained.

A man walked in front of me.
And left me all alone.
I will die of hunger here.
This I’ve already known.


Cool poem, eh? I just made it 😀

So I was walking home from school through a back alley and for no reason, began to visualize myself walking in front of me, as if I’m looking 3 seconds in the future. Future-me then took his right hand out of his pocket, posed it in the shape of a gun and pretended to blow my future-brains out.

No I’m not being suicidal. That’s how I gesture to people that I’m stressed out from working. You know, “work is killing me” ? (And it is, since I have to make a 3D short film by the end of this month). Though unrelated to the poem, the fact that I projected myself in the future got me thinking.

I call myself (and am known to be) “Paranoid Nicky”, simply for the fact that I’m hella’ paranoid. What if a person projected himself in the future all the time, fabricated various absurd outcomes for it, and became too afraid to even move, for fear that his predictions come true.

This, plus the fact that at the time I was in no mood to touch Autodesk Maya to work, got me to write “This I’ve Already Known.”

What do you think it means?


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