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Internship Interviews – What They’ll Ask

Here I’ll be recounting a few of the questions they asked me during the interview. If you haven’t read my last post, Firsthand Experience, you should do so.

“Tell me about yourself.”

Good Answer: “My name is Nicky, I’m studying Animation in NAFA and I’ve always loved to create.”

Bad Answer: “My name is Nikita Pradana Wibisono. I am 19 years old. I live in 128 Prinsep St.”

My point: They don’t need to know as far as your mother’s maiden name or your first spouse (if they do, they may be trying to hack your e-mail though the security questions), but don’t just scratch the surface either. Start strong by making things interesting. I for example told them how I never had game consoles as a child, so I made my own games with paper and junk. Not only do they now know what I am, but I’ve basically told them my philosophy as an artist.

“How did you learn of this internship programme?”

Good Answer: “I was searching for games when I found this one game where you jumped on clouds when you type things written on them.” “Yet One Word?” “Yeah! That one! It was then I heard about the programme, and how it didn’t just make games, but games with depth.”

Bad Answer: “Google.”

My point: Research them and know where you’ll be working. If you’re not excited at the place you’re interning to, they’re not excited in having you as an intern. Either love the place or scram. You’ll be flattering them too.

“Have you ever collaborated with someone? Did you have any problems?”

Good Answer: “Yes. We did have our differences, but we simply discussed it to reach common ground.”

Bad Answer: “Yeah, the other guy was stubborn. He didn’t want to follow my ideas.”

My point: Companies need for you to be able to work together. Moreover, they need to know that you’re enjoyable to work with.

“How do you see yourself in the future?”

Good Answer(?): “Yes, as a successful animator.”

(My) Good Answer: “To be honest, I don’t have one type of job that I’m focusing all my efforts on. Primarily, I just love to create, so my future may range from a job in games design or animation.”

(My) Bonus Answer: “I do know that I’m not keen on working for big companies though. From what I’ve seen, you’re either the drones that churn out work or the big boss everyone knows and loves. You also work on a single project for a looong time, whereas I like working on many different projects in my lifetime.”

Bad Answer: “I don’t know.”

My point: Why do they ask this? It’s so they know whether or not you have direction. I’m between the fence on what a good answer is, as my answer basically said “I’m not sure,” but I did explain that I have a range of possible dream jobs instead of a one-track mind on one job.

Bonus point: The nice thing about it is that I was honest. It wasn’t suicide cause I wasn’t saying this to a big company, I was saying this to a game design programme. The icing on the cake was that one interviewer identified with me on that point.

“What are your interests?” (or in my case: “What games do you play?”)

Good Answer: “Binding of Isaac. Because not only are the visuals interesting, it has an underlying plot that’s disturbing, but meaningful.”

Bad Answer: ? (I can’t say, see below)

My point: This is hard, because you can’t change your interests on the fly (unless you lie, which is never a good idea). Your interests tell a lot about you, and through this they’ll judge whether or not you’re perfect for the job.

Bonus point: If you happen to have the same interests as your employers? DING! DING! Bonus points.

“Any questions you want to ask us?”

Good Answer: “What excites you about coming to work?”
Bad Answer: “No.”
Worse Answer: “What are my working hours?”
Worst Answer: “How much do I get paid?”

My point: I happened to read 4 Essential Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview yesterday. Is being asked to ask them a question a formality? Nope!

(Photo credit:

Read it and you’ll see why I asked that. Instead I’ll elaborate on the bad answers.

Why is the Bad Answer bad? Well it might end the interview sooner and you can be on your way, but it shows lack of interest.
Why is the Worse Answer worse? It seems harmless enough, but you should already know the answer to that! You should’ve researched the job before you applied to it!
Why is the Worst Answer even worse? Not only did you not research, you’ve just labelled yourself a prick who only cares for a paycheck and you should go jump off a bridge.

That’s all from me!

Hope this helps 😀


11 comments on “Internship Interviews – What They’ll Ask

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  3. Anonymous
    March 14, 2013

    Did you know whether you’re in or not by the end of the interview?
    Was it a 1 on 1 interview?
    How long was the interview section?

    • thebangzats
      March 14, 2013

      No, they’ll contact you later.
      There were 4 interviewers, and as for the duration, I wasn’t really paying attention, but it was brief.

      • Anonymous
        March 14, 2013

        so it’s kinda like 4 v 1?? lololol I have a feeling I’ll screw it up, but thanks to all these tips you’ve provided here, I at least know what they’d ask, hehe 🙂

      • thebangzats
        March 14, 2013

        You’re welcome. Good luck 😀

  4. Anonymous
    March 14, 2013

    Hey good guy bro, I’m back from the interview!!!!
    omfg so thrilled I still cant calm down lolol!!!
    They asked EXACTLY the same questions you wrote up there, thank god I was prepared, THANK YOU!!!

    hehe just to share with you, I was the only artist for interview today, it was 2 v 1 for me, less intense and the interviewer was a really kind young lady. <333333


  5. Anonymous
    March 22, 2013

    Hi bro you got in yet??
    super nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!its been a week already

    • thebangzats
      March 22, 2013

      No unfortunately. The website said they’ll announce it at the end of March. Here’s hoping.
      It’s killing me cause if I don’t I have no idea what other internship I should take.

      • Anonymous
        March 23, 2013

        Wahhh need to wait for another week, such torment!!!!

        Exactly! The other students have already started fighting for intern slots, and I’m just sitting here master bedding. Let’s hope we can all get in and if I had any backup plan I’ll tell you too! Brofist!

      • thebangzats
        March 24, 2013


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