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“Why is it good?”

Pann Lim of The Design Society Photo credit:

Meet Pann Lim from The Design Society. He came to NAFA for a talk today. Showed us some cool ad campaigns, then opened a Q&A session (which was the best part).

There was things he said about portfolios and work life, but the thing that stuck was how he learns. When he sees something good, he doesn’t stop there. He asks, “Why?”

See, what I’ve done so far is “Ooh, this is cool. Gotta remember that one,” and on several occasions it did help.

Remember Fantasmagorical and the-recently-finished Helminthophobia? Their style was inspired waaay back when I really liked cronobreaker from DeviantART. I remember how I liked the bold lines and character designs, but that’s about it.

What I said was: “This is good.” What I should’ve said?

“Why is it good?”
(and to a certain extent, why is it bad)

Although people do that unconsciously anyway, doing it consciously stores that data better. Steal like an artist, in that you’re not copying, you’re learning.


I asked Pann, “What’s the most memorable portfolio you’ve ever received?” He says he can’t remember (and only vaguely about a tea bag?). You know what that means: People haven’t gone crazy creative yet with their portfolios, at least not ones sent to him. DING!! I see opportunity.


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