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Helminthophobia (January 2013)

Helminthophobia (January 2013)

Lemme get this off my chest before I begin.

“Look at how far I’ve gone!”

My artistic abilities don’t exactly soar, but bit by bit I’m improving. So far my Brainwashed Unicorn illustration was my best work, and it seemed like everything else I made haven’t matched it. Presenting: Helminthophobia!

I don’t know what else to say though, apart from how proud I am. This surpasses my unicorn by a longshot, with new lessons learned about lighting from my girlfriend.

I also tried my hand at digital painting.

Needle in Your Eye (January 2013)

Needle in Your Eye (January 2013)


Yeah… not as awesome, but at least I know the basics of digital painting (blending is actually fun, AND 10x faster than vectors). Still, from the difference in quality, you can clearly see.

My home is vectors.

I may explore the ends of the Earth, but I’ll always have vectors.

That is all 😀


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