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Bored and Abroad, Week 2: The Bachelor Pad

“Oh God, what am I doing with my life,”

is a question that looms in my head on EVERY holiday. You could say I’m a workaholic, but a lazy one. Give me work, official work, and I focus on it like a hawk. Personal projects however, though I love doing, I’m not very disciplined in making them. Lots of distractions, and no real reason not to succumb to them.

So what did I do this week?

  • Nothing…
  • Full of nothing…

Well okay, not nothing. What it really is, is:

  • Watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, which was less of a masterpiece but equally awesome. If you haven’t watched it, do so, 2001 was art, just art. + a few other movies
  • Completed a few games like Portal 2 (late, I know)
  • Cooked (yes, finally!), because I never had time to before
  • Planned an animation for ‘An Essay By Vermin‘, but failed
  • From that failure, planned an animation involving sentient houses

And so here we are with my planned project for the holidays. The house you see is my yet-to-be-named house who walks on four legs. He’s feeling lonely living on top of that hill, so off he goes in search of a partner.

He’ll be meeting a few potential mates, though apparently there are some questionable characters amongst them. Will he find the girl he’s been looking for? I dunno, I haven’t even made a proper storyboard XD

Yes I envisioned quite a different first few weeks, and that’s what you get for underestimating the power of laziness.

Oh well, at least I’ve got something.



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