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(Making of) Get Animated!

Okay, so I didn’t keep my promise of making a video. It’ll take too long, but here’s an equally educating post.

This project’s theme was “Back to Basics”. I chose to make a spot for NAFA’s Animation major. I asked myself, what is the basic of animation?

Animators give things life. Even watching old cartoons (Felix the Cat, Steamboat Willie, Popeye), you’ll see animators giving life to objects or making animals walk and talk as humans do. Keeping that direction in mind + the style of old cartoons (what you could call “basic” cartoons), I moved forward.

The Animator was my first character. He did a march to highlight his role as a proud leader of the pack. I recorded reference vids to study his movements.

“Animators spend a lot of time walking up and down the street skipping, marching, babbling like a maniac. We call this research.”

Each walk for my 5 characters weren’t just chosen. I developed them by walking with their persona. Ever noticed how a happy cat skips? One foot leads while the other keeps straight and only arcs a little, less airtime. All while his body swings forward and back to the beat of his clarinet.

It didn’t go without hitches though. Not ashamed to admit it, but two things hurt this animation. First was speed, especially when they’re not walking in place. Second was time. Not like Adam B.C. where I worked while watching videos, but how I underestimated how short 3 weeks were, especially when 1 week was eaten up by planning & other classes.

“Being a student isn’t an excuse to fail. It is however, an excuse to learn.”

That’s why the biggest lesson here is to learn. If you get an A but don’t gain a new skill, you’ve failed. If you do get an F but learn something, bit by bit you’re going to surpass that A student tenfold!

If you’re a student, love that title. It’s the only time you can improve effectively.


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