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The Clay Model

Boy King Clay Model (October 2012)

One day before submission, I was disappointed with my sculpture. The night I finished, I was glad because after adding the hair and details, it looked 10x better. The day ON the submission, I was elated.

In NAFA, when you don’t bring your work home with you, it’s good news. Good works are kept by the lecturer, and I was 1 of 4 that was kept. Was worried at first, since the animation major is dominated by anime and my style wasn’t.

Made with Super Sculpey Firm Gray and a lot of patience.

Here’s a tip: If you’re not sure your model’s armature can stand, STOP! The safe route is to use a sitting pose, else you’d have to waste a few days’ work to re-make the bottom half.

Oh and guess what I used to texture the shoes. That’s right, shoes 😛

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