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Animation Escapades

Assignment for PoA class: 12s second animation, feat. a character named Adam who needs to do a walk cycle.

The result you ask? Haha… I love it. But I will talk about some lessons I learned, things I like and don’t like about my animation, Adam B.C. Interested in animation? Learn the same lessons with me…

Clean motion

I might not be a super artists (Yes I know, being bad at drawing or rarely drawing at all are bad qualities for an animator), but take a look. In my opinion, the motions were at least smooth.

Here’s a tip: You can draw super well, but when your motions look choppy, it breaks the magic. Plan and be patient. Don’t be afraid to add/remove frames to refine the motion. Screw the drawings, keep the motion!

Charcoal and a rough look

An animation about a caveman? Idea: make it so it looks like a caveman made them. First time using charcoal. Charcoal is messy, but that was the point. A nice experiment, I may use charcoal again.

Notice that the stills look shaky. That was on purpose, I made 2 still frames and alternated so it kept fidgeting, to maintain the rough look, though I’m worried some would just see it as being unprofessional.

Here’s a tip: Experiment. Plain old is plain old.


Here’s one thing I want to fix: my time management. Traditional animation takes a long time, but it shouldnt’ve taken THAT long, so why did it? Young Justice. I was watching Young Justice while working.

Here’s a tip: I can’t count how many times I’ve looked at the clock and be surprised how late it was when I was multitasking, but surprised how early it was when I was focused. Save time, turn off your computers, get focused.


I could’ve fixed this, but time wasn’t on my side. Example: Transition between the face and the walk cycle. There wasn’t any hint that he was going to walk, hence the walk was so sudden.

Here’s a tip: You catch these problems when you watch your animation over and over again.

That’s it from me. Here’s some extra stuff: The character development process for Adam.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here you’ll find my crappy first sketches, a giant Sumo for an unused story and another caveman from the old story. My drawings aren’t very pro are they? Practice makes perfect and I don’t practice XD But this does give me a chance to stress my favorite lesson (it’s the first one in this post). Just for emphasis, I’ll make em’ big.

“If you’re animating, don’t draw. Animate!”

What I mean by this is: Focus on the motion and the presentation of the story, not just the drawings. Don’t focus on the frames, focus on how well hundreds of them work together. I’m proud of Adam B.C. because despite the lack in super amazing drawings skills, a simple one + believable motion is top dollar 😀


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