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The Boy King: Design Process

Remember this post right here? The one with the story about Boy King, the imagined world and how an evil TV takes over? Well here he is in glorious 3D form!

I haven’t gotten round to typing the story, but because two classes need a character (3D Modelling and Character Design class), I just love Boy King too much to pass off the chance. I fleshed him out in Character Design class, and using a few methods like…

Playing with silhouettes…


Playing with shapes…

Methods which were very helpful, especially if you’re still unsure of how he should look. If you’re character designing, try those two. Play with his silhouette (practically an axiom: “Good character design is memorable, even if its just their silhouette”) or shapes (as some shapes convey a message in itself, like really triangular and tall villains or box-chested heroes).

The Boy King was a normal boy who liked to play pretend, hence his favorite king costume and oversized cape. He has pants and sneakers like a normal boy, his hair’s golden blonde but messy due to never being groomed. His nose is missing, his eyes are blank with prominent bags and his teeth have fallen out, but he always look content. That’s because he’s still enjoying life, despite it being through fake eyes.

Using circles as a main element just didn’t work, it made him look fat. Too tall and it gave off too much of a creepy Tim Burton feel. A big no-no I did in his early designs was missing his neck, but to keep the head spherical I covered it with a puffy collar.

Character Sheet. To be honest, a bit strange-looking on the side-view, but we’ll see.

Here he is in all his glory 😀

For the TV, my lecturer suggested exaggerating the shape so it gives off an evil vibe, so I did. Its arms are also lovingly wrapped around him like a protective hug, because the TV’s not really evil. It loves the Boy King, just that his vision of imagination is different (and detrimental to kids).

Now for the 3D. In a nutshell, the process was this…

I started right with half a sphere and eyes where I can model the topography for the sockets. Starting with the eyes meant I could imagine where the rest went. Regrettably, my first try ended up with the abomination on the right. It was way too detailed, started to look more like E.T. Simpler and rounder then…

Boom. Too bad I didn’t make a timelapse video or anything, I’ll try to remember doing so next. After the shape I did the UV mapping. I didn’t really need it since his textures are so simple, but one thing I needed was darker eye bags (plus it was a requirement for the assignment to make a UV map).

Voila, it’s the Boy King! Now for the turntable animation. Lecturer’s instructions were to spin the model. I found a VERY helpful article that suggested I spin the camera instead (and also taught me how to control the ease ins and outs).

Kind of nice for a first try. I’ll do even better next time. What do you think? I like this process a lot, feels so varied. From writings to sketches to character sheets to 3D model. Next up, the full body 3D model AND a clay sculpture of the little guy.

Interested in making your own Boy King? Down below for links to some helpful resources


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