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NaNo Brochure

NaNo Brochure Opened (August 2012)

NaNo Brochure Folded (August 2012)

A Camp NaNoWriMo brochure I made for Design & Layout class (the only Graphic Design-esque class in Animation major. Why we have it? I dunno XD). I like this one a lot, and apparently so did a lecturer (A big A for this one :D).

Key part to the design process? Sketches.

Sorry the images were huge, so if you click it and zoom, it’ll blow up in your screen. What you’re seeing here is 1) Sketches on design elements that brand already has (so the designs are applicable to the brand in the first place) 2) Some sketching 3) The final sketch & concept.

I rummaged through a lot of prototypes. One that folds into a tent shape (it was too small), one that unfolded to a map (too… meh), etc. This was a spark of an idea that came out of nowhere (and desperation). If you fold it up, it looks like a camp scenery (complete with Camp NaNo’s signature blue tent and style), open it and it becomes a jogging trail that leads you from the comfort of home to the intimidating mountains. 50k isn’t in miles, it’s in words.



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