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Principles of Animation

You might notice a severe lack of animation work, despite me saying that I’m an animation student. That’s because I can’t upload videos here, and I’m too lazy to upload it to YouTube. Lots of different things I gotta say right now, here goes:

First, the sketch. Last week we did bouncing ball, next week is ol’ rice sack here.

“Rice sack? Don’t you mean Flour Sack?”

“No. We’re Asians. We call it Rice Sack animation.”

Did some sketching just to see me put personality into one of these guys for the first time. I like it actually, may do more if there’s time. A cookie to who can guess what the next story will be about.

Second, the Principles of Animation video. In order it shows, a rolling ball, a rolling ball with ease in and ease out, a pendulum, a wave and a ball bounce. Standard stuff, you’ll find it in every animation guide you’ll find.

This book is a godsend 😀 (Click image to go to its Amazon page and buy it!)

Next, animation class. I LOVE THIS CLASS! Classmates are awesome, class rep is awesome, classes are awesome, lecturers are awesome. (In fact, if they’re reading this: Hey guys! You’re awesome!)

Life is good. It’s so good that I have to tell you:

I’m currently enrolled in NAFA right? Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. If you’re trying to get in here, don’t trust your agent or NAFA PR. Get it straight from the source, what it’s REALLY like studying here.

Animation students are notoriously known for their lack of sleep, and I’m not surprised. We just started and already we’re faced with a nice load, and this is only the beginning. What makes it seem less of a burden is the sheer variety of the work. For hours you’ll be working on a story, then you make tons of drawings for a few seconds of animation, then it’s 3D modelling. The day will feel longer if you have more variety in your life.

Animation will make you live longer.

All you need is determination, patience, creativity, a lightbox and arms. Get ready to work, hard, but work awesomely, though if you come here expecting to be working of animes when you graduate, I will hit you and feed you to snakes. Western cartoons ftw!

Oh yeah, and here’s my next project. Just a bit of ball bounce practice… but wait, what’s that blue and orange I see?

Now you’re thinking with… rice sacks?

…yeah, the orange is probably not visible since my scanner hates highlighters, but it’s there. Orange and spherical. Just shining. And a blue one too. Just sayin’.


2 comments on “Principles of Animation

  1. tio
    August 25, 2012

    the BATsack!!!

  2. allyster
    August 26, 2012

    western animation -__-‘
    anime ftw~! xD

    and you didn’t tell me the blue and orange part. I’m waiting for you to play the game again and not deserted it like how it’s ended with batman xD

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