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Envious Tongue

Envious Tongue (Friday 2012)

WARNING: If for some reason you love Hitler, the Nazis or global conflict in general, you may find this post offensive.

For History of Animation class, done in ink and color pencil, since lots of animations were used almost as propaganda during WWII. Here’s Hitler being pulled by the tongue by the 3 big ‘winners’ of WWII. Why the tongue? Because he’s infamous for his influential speeches. Why is it green? Because it’s the color of the poison that he spits out and also represents envy, since you could that whole fiasco started because Hitler was so jealous of the success of the Jewish people.

Now, you know that I never post JUST art anymore right? On to the education!

I have in this post, three cartoons from that era (click on the images for the video). First is Disney’s ‘Der Fuehrer’s Face‘, an anti-nazi cartoon starring Donald Duck. Second is MGM‘s ‘Blitz Wolf‘, which is basically three little pigs vs. a Hitler-esque big bad wolf. Third is Private Snafu, which is the cartoon version of “Loose lips sink ships” (you know the one, that famous WWII poster).

WWII was a huge turning point for the industry, being either propaganda or as a way to teach the troops some skill, but in an entertaining way (Because let’s face it, when you’re not facing a rain of bullets, you should enjoy yourself, get a laugh or two).

The topics they cover is huge, and they’re basically the animated version of WWII posters. If you’ve seen them, lots are about war bonds, collecting scraps for resources, and just general precautions in the war. Was it effective? You bet.

Not only did these entertaining forms of propaganda raise morale, but it also sheds a bit of sympathy for the people under the rule of the axis powers (which in turn, adds the emotion and resentment to the axis powers). You do have to remember that this was a different time, and offensive cartoons like that won’t be as accepted in today’s society.

Though I had nothing to do with the war and it never affected me, I have to take my hat off and pray for the brave soldiers and innocent people who fell during the war. If you notice when I was explaining the art, I used the word ‘winner’ instead of just plain winner. Because really, who wins at a war?

If anything though, the war did contribute a lot to the animation industry, and I’m thankful for that. Go animation! 😀

…and yes, you did just see a Nazi Donald Duck.


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