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Maya Modelling

Rocket Chief Helmet (August 2012)

“I wouldn’t touch that if I were you…” -Just before Rocket Chief activated his suit

Rocket Chief, my accidental character. I just learned Maya for a few classes, the assignment was modelling a helmet by instruction. I mixed it up a little and modified it lightly. Along the way, this happened:

Yes, a cross between Rocketeer and Master Chief.

And so the name stuck. Rocket Chief was made quickly, though I had trouble with the UV mapping because of those horns. The final solution didn’t seem a perfect one, but I’ll settle for it. In the end I just used a block of color anyway. Adding textures just made it… meh.

John Secord, a local racing pilot and barnstormer, discovers a mysterious package in his base, hidden there by two Grunts who were fleeing the police. In the package was an early prototype of the SPARTAN-II the Covenant has been searching for. He went missing in action after the Battle of Installation 00.

Yes, I just combined two wiki entries on both of them. Pfft.

“Wake me… when you need me.” -Rocket Chief’s last words.

Rocket Chief Helmet (August 2012)


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