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Gesture Drawing Escapades

First let me get this off my chest: Drawing? Not my forte.

“Are you serious, Nicky? You’re an animator!”

If that’s your question, then you know my predicament.

I liked to draw. All my friends knew I was the go-to guy for artsy stuff. College is the big leagues, and my skill hasn’t compared quite yet. There’s a lot about this ‘life drawing’ business I don’t get, and so I’ve been practicing gesture drawing.

Here’s a glance at how bad I was when I first started this July.

Gesture Drawing #1 (July 2012)

Gesture Drawing #2 (July 2012)

Gesture drawing is rapid drawing, commonly 30 seconds, that only needs to capture the pose. Think of it as drawing someone at a coffee shop. They’re in an awesome pose, but in 30 seconds they might leave. If you quickly sketch out the pose and some key features, if they do leave, you only need to fill out the details. Details are important, but screw up a pose and you didn’t draw it well.

As you can see in my early ones, my proportions are WAY off, resulting in unnatural poses.

This was 10 minutes. How do you mess up a 10 minute sketch?

My awesome class rep, albeit terribly drawn and missing his umbrella.

See the line quality in my drawings? Exactly. “What quality?”

How did I manage to turn a pretty lady to a effin’ dehydrated zombie?

I don’t even want to comment anymore -___-” Do you see why I suck now?

But no, I won’t back down! I wanted to do this since June, but I kept procrastinating. After this fiasco in class (Yes, this was in class. The models were students, I modeled once but obviously I can’t draw myself, and the rest of the class got 5 minutes. Imagine the stress of making these quality drawings among tens of other better ones), I couldn’t wait any longer.

I practiced.

Gesture Drawing #8 (August 2012)

Gesture Drawing #9 (August 2012)

“Yes,” said I.
“No,” said my lovely girlfriend-turned-vicious-mentor.

She told me what I was missing and added some tips. “Keep looking at the model, not the paper. Quickly measure out rough proportions. Imagine triangles in the negative space between features to get spacing right. Fuck details. Take a bath.” (‘Paraphrased’ quotes)

So I went on.

Gesture Drawing #10 (August 2012)

Drawing #10 Reference

Gesture Drawing #11 (August 2012)

Gesture Drawing #12 (August 2012)

Drawing #12 Reference

Well it’s not like drawing skills fall from the sky.

But could you say I’ve improved? Dunno about you but I’d say so. My girlfriend still says the latest ones have a few mistakes. Mostly in details, but I did still miss a few curves and lines. These were still 5 minute ones, gotta keep speeding up while maintaining quality.

Baby steps, Nicky. Baby steps.

Oh and anyone interested in gesture drawing? Here’s a nice online tool here:


3 comments on “Gesture Drawing Escapades

  1. allyster
    August 7, 2012

    ouch, vicious mentor. xD

    But you see, compared to the firsts, the lasts are much much much.. better. keep going~

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