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A Behance Page!

Fantasmagorical (July 2012)

See this awesome skateboard design as well as others in my (somewhat) new, Behance Portfolio

Now I gotta say that I haven’t made much (that deserves to be in an official portfolio), and have uploaded even less, but I’d appreciate it if you follow me and see my progress. Now then, the skateboard.

I’ll be honest with you, this was for a little deviantART contest, it flopped, so I recycled it. So sue me. The only thing I removed is some words, and the concept stayed the same. I used Illustrator for this, and if you’ve noticed it’s not the usual Illustrator style. Bold lines, colors and shading.

Fantasmagorical (July 2012)

Fantasmagorical is about the acceleration of today’s media. Fantasy used to be a magical thing, especially so for kids. Now I see kids with iPhones and iPads playing Angry Birds. In my day I made games with paper and played pretend pirates in the mall, and it played a big part in developing my creativity. The speed of innovation has led to its downfall. I just hope kids today find some other form of making their own stuff.

I illustrated this by using a fantasy icon, the unicorn. See its eyes? Color bars. It’s been brainwashed by TV, it’s almost robotic-looking. Rainbows are also icons of fantasy and imagination, but used here alongside the unicorn’s unnaturally green skill makes it crazy. Nothing is pure anymore, just add zing and kids eat it up, with no zing of their own. Basically, it’s an insane unicorn that’s speeding to a wall.

Why is it on a skateboard though? Well… Like I said, to be honest it was originally for a competition, a deck design competition. Really, the star of the show’s the illustration. I plastered it on a skateboard because a speeding insane unicorn just fits better on a speeding canvas than a stationary one.

So, have you clicked my Behance Portfolio yet? Remember to click Appreciate on my works 😀

I leave you with some sketches.

Fantasmagorical Sketch #1 (July 2012)

Fantasmagorical Sketch #2 (July 2012)


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