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Am I an Animator or Designer?

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Take a look at my resume. I can’t make a proper gesture drawing but I can do this with Illustrator & InDesign? Pfft, so should I be an animator or designer? I’ve got TONS of people giving me that bewildered look in their eyes thinking, “You should’ve been a graphic designer!”

Well heck I dunno, I love animation but I love graphic designing too! The expectation of an animation student is being an otaku (which almost automatically means they can draw in an anime style, meaning they can draw people). My drawing style is obviously very stylized (I HATE anime style, too overused, little originality), and my technical side & personal taste extremely reflects a job in designing.

Sure I won prizes for my animation, but were they drawings of people? Nope. They weren’t drawings at all! They were stickfigures! The story is what won me the prize. I thought of game dev, looked at interning at Gambit, then saw the entry test. Yep, though they mostly produces games in my graphic designer art style (simple), the test requires the kind of drawings you do in animation. Blech.

I’m learning to draw people too, albeit very slowly. Meh, hope determination can net me two specialties if not one. If I can’t make it in animation, there’s always design.


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