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Black, White and Red All Over: a comic made of squiggles

Black, White and Red All Over (August 2011)

Been a while since I posted works, then I remembered, “Hey I’ve got a scanner now!”

This was one in the first few weeks of semester 1 for Creative Process. The lecturer sent us purposely vague instructions since the start. She casually said, “First make a border. Okay, when I say go, start a line at one point on the border. You can only stop when I say ‘stop’, so before you do you can loop it around and such, just don’t stop. When I do say stop, even if you’re still going, quickly reach the closest point on the border,” and after we did she said, “Alright, divide the whole thing into 9 sections and make a comic.”

It was a class-wide WTF moment. Some filled half their pages in squiggly lines. It didn’t stop there though, then the instructions were, “But before that, send your lines to the second person to your right,” meaning I had to work with someone else’s line, which wasn’t as cluttered. I just envisioned what I could on the paper, thinking what could each curve be. I came up with this.

Why ninjas? Because it looked like squiggly ninjas, that’s all.


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