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Hunted Down

So I was in Jogjakarta this holiday, and in one of the nicer looking hotels I explored a bit to test out my new camera. I just strolled around and took pictures like these…

But then I photographed this guy.

Oh yes, this guy.

Apparently my hotel has a wild peacock (among other things) that lives there, so I snapped a few pics of him. He was obedient at first, stood still like he knew he was being photographed (which he probably did). Then I stepped into the light, and WHAM! He flew at me. Apparently it was a reaction to the light reflecting from my lens. I retreated. But the next day I sought to photograph my mortal enemy once more. Bad move.

I found him and snapped shots. Different from before, he didn’t stand still. Knowing he could charge me like before, I took a step back every time he took a step forward. He kept going, and after several loops around a tree (to keep away whilst taking pictures in the light), I gave up. As I shot some pics of flowers, I turned to find him. I moved on to a bridge where I photographed some ducks, only to turn back and find him again. I even went inside my room, and there he was across the pool.

Yes, I was stalked by a peacock. I mean look at him! He was probably out to get my mom too!


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