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In Case of Death, Break Glass

In Case of Death

In Case of Death (November 2011)

Hooray! Now that NaNo’s over I have all the time in the world to upload new stuff. Remember If Death Had a Dictaphone and his cousin The Trading Cards? That was for ISP, Integrated Studio Project, and this was the third one (if you recall, we had to submit 3 things, 1 primary and 2 secondaries)

In Case of Death is an installation that’s (imaginarily) put into my (imaginary) museum exhibition titled, If Death Had a Dictaphone. The meaning behind it is that, should Death come around, break the glass and get your last words inside. Problem is, you never know when he does, so how could you know when to break the glass?

This piece has a brighter message though. Right now it represents the difficulty of saying last words, since you don’t know which ones would be your last… or does it? Notice that unlike normal In Case of Emergency boxes, this one is completely made of glass on all sides, and the hammer is unchained (as to the glass only at the front and hammer chained to the box). It’s made “easier” to break the glass, therefore saying last words isn’t as hard as you think.

How it is easier I’ve left for the people to think about. Generally I don’t like assigning meanings, I let people make up their own. What you think this piece means may be totally different than mine. Hey, here’s an idea, tell me what you think this piece is about 😀

Post in the comments below.


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