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Day 30: The End


Winner! (November 2011)

Well that’s it for NaNo then, no more nearly-daily updates. The rest of my blog will be (mostly) as it should be, full of pictures of my artworks.

I capped it at 50,550. Really don’t know what to say now, since… well, it’s over. Ian is dead and… wait, no Mittens is dead. Everyone else is dead too, death death all around! Or is it, I wonder. I mean, if multiple version of yourself are dead, but your original self is not, have you truly died? How could I say I’m dead when, I’m right here! Then again, who’s to say you were the original?

Last Few Words:

None. That’ll spoil the ending. I don’t know how I’m going to publish it though (just to spread around, not to sell). I would like people to read it, of course.


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