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The Stained Glass Heart Cover Design

The Stained Glass Heart

The Stained Glass Heart (November 2011)

Cover design for Caitlin McColl, a.k.a. arrawynin the NaNo forums

Her story is set in a steampunk era, involving time travel, a coup d’etat, New Alchemy, and a complicated romance behind it all.

For my first cover, ‘Time, Eternity and The Eighth Seal‘, I made it like I always make minimalist art: Not revealing much if you see it at a glance, but tells everything once you’re deep into the story. This one, however, you can see the direct connection between the illustration and the title, The Stained Glass Heart has, well… a stained glass heart on the cover.

The background is brown to accommodate the steampunk, while the heart is colorful to attract attention. The glass heart is broken because somewhere in the story, you’ll find that whatever romance is in there, isn’t as it seems. I like the title, as it in itself is like my minimalist art: Not revealing much at a glance, but everything once you’re deep.

Hope you like it 😀


2 comments on “The Stained Glass Heart Cover Design

  1. Caitlin McColl
    November 28, 2011

    sdfaslkfjaslkjfa;ls – I’m Speechless! AAAHHHH. Its gorgeous! amazing! simple yet it says everything it needs to! love the brown background symbolizing the steampunk! and the shattered heart is so…WOW


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