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Time, Eternity And The Eighth Seal Cover Design

Time, Eternity and The Eighth Seal

Time, Eternity and The Eighth Seal (November 2011)

Cover design for Cleo Bourne, a.k.a. cleobournein the NaNo forums (check out her interesting story by clicking the link)

From what she explained to me, her story is about the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, only this time, there’s going to be another one. Time has the power to either make their lives easier, to make it hell, and let’s face it, if you can screw over the Four Horsemen you are badass.

The illustration shows the Four Horsemen, who you’d expect would be Knights in a game of chess, as Pawns. These distinctively colored pawns are trying to stand on top of each other, a tower of Babel trying to get higher than Time (who’s off screen).

I tried other ideas. My initial one depicted Time somewhere as a dark yellow Knight piece, but since there are so many colors going on at once, it was hard to find a color palette that didn’t look like puke (excuse the gross visualization). First the pieces were just standing around, then this pose right here with the yellow Knight next to it, then a yellow horse’s foot playing with the Pawns, etc. I settled for this in the end, the colors felt better, and the composition just had to follow.

As for Cleo, remember that I’m free for edits on December. Feel free to contact me if you don’t like it. For everyone else, my services are also available for free as long as I have the time. Ciao.


2 comments on “Time, Eternity And The Eighth Seal Cover Design

  1. allyster
    November 21, 2011

    I prefer the previous one, somehow.. except for the placements of the pawns.

    The grey background is dull, by the way. and where’s that brilliant black border thing? Nice choice of font, by the way.

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