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Hiatus, and Last Words Card: part 2

Last Words Card Back

Last Words Card Back (November 2011)

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Part 2 of my explanation on why I was absent the last few days from blogging. See Part 1 here.

In Part 1 I explained what my ISP was all about and how working on it drained my ability to catch up (even making me resort to zero words on a few days). I plan on rushing it like a rabid wolf later, but for now, a few more reasons.

I started a free covers thread in the NaNo forums, and I’m also offering my services later on. Since I promised, I didn’t feel it was right to make them wait so long, so on some days I made covers (well, cover… but even that’s not finished yet). Also, Noise Singapore is offering some stuff, but I’ll only tell you if I manage to do it.

As for the image above, that’s the back of the card, with the quote, how they died, etc.


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