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Hiatus, and Last Words Card

Last Words Card Front

Last Words Card Front (November 2011)

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I know I haven’t updated my NaNo progress in a while, only nearly up to half right now. The reason behind that slow progress is that I’ve been working on my college Integrated Studio Project. I showed you the poster before, right? We were to make 3 things, this is my 2nd result, a trading card.

My ISP involves making (an imaginary) museum exhibition that teaches history in a fresh, new way; through last words and in a contemporary style. It also has a parting message of “make sure you don’t regret your last words.” To show this, the poster you saw was the ad for the exhibition, this here will be given out, one each at random, to museum visitors.

I’ve seen this method used before, such as in a Titanic exhibition (in Marina Bay), where you’re given a random biography that you can match up with a wall consisting of all the missing people. This time, you get a single quote to get a feel of what you’ll be seeing inside.For my non-ISP business (that’s been keeping me from my NaNo), see part 2


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