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Day 10: Frying Pans, Plastic Fish and Chargrilled Kittens

It’s the (self-proclaimed) genius title for chapter 4, which I finished today. A cookie to who can guess what it means! 😛

Anyways, making nice progress, 2,000+ words today, also found a few materials for my ISP project (still hadn’t found any embossing tape though, bummer D:)

I’m having a little doubt as to the quality of my writing, but I dunno I guess artsy people are like that, they’re never satisfied with their work. On the up side it makes them want to constantly learn and improve, but on the down side it means we’re never happy. A melancholic artist? Bad combination, just like curiosity and cats 😛

Last Few Words:

Ian stared back. “I’m not finished,” he said. I tell you, you will never get used to an Ian stare. “I knew by ‘accounted for’ he meant, ‘just don’t let anyone die’, but I thought he would care more about the cats if he knew about them, like a person would to a colleague. By then, gathering their information just became sort of a hobby. Don’t forget, Mr. Mittens, though I’m up here in the office I’m still what you would call, ‘one of the prisoners’. It’s not like I had a choice, but I chose anyway. I chose this.”

And lookie here! This is my first on-time post in a while. Usually, the next day starts at 3 AM, so I always post past midnight, meaning it wouldn’t be day 10 anymore, but day 11. I know it wouldn’t matter, but on the main page it’ll say Day 10 but with a huge 11 November next to it. I guess you can say I’m a bit OCD, I just HAVE to change the publish date setting or else I’ll have nightmares.

Goodnight people 😀


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