Nicky. In. Progress.

–and something about design, writing, being an art student and whatnot

Three Hours In

It’s been 3 hours (and 17 minutes) and I have written exactly 2,465 words out of the 50,000 that needs to be finished this month. Not bad.

I did cut my finger though… literally hours before having to write 50,000 words. Great, just great. It was deep too. Crud.

Curious on what I’m making? Here’s a little something, the excerpt:

The thing about these kinds of experiments is, no one really cares about whatever guinea pig they decide is of less worth and should take their place.

We are victims of human curiosity. If you don’t believe me ask the monkey that had to spend hours in the centrifuge–I mean chimp, ask the chimpanzee that had to spend hours in the centrifuge only to have Armstrong take away the spotlight. No one–no human–really gives a shit about us.

Banging away at the walls, all I could muster was a few dents on the side. A dent is most decidedly not an exit.

You could probably imagine the fatigue I felt right then. Cold and alone in the dark, oxygen whittling away with every breath, and trying to break open a sixty by sixty small, centimetre thick steel cell–that’s hard to break for a cat.

What do you think, interesting enough?


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This entry was posted on November 1, 2011 by in Writing.
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