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Day 1: End of the Beginning

Nearing the end of the first day and I have just got to sleep. Surprising work thus far, I did way more than I would imagine (of course there are no classes in Tuesday).

After this, there’s ISP due 18th and if I want, a stop motion animation competition due 11th. So that’s 3 big deadlines this month. Lucky me. Anyways, here’s today’s…

Last Few Words:

Beyond that door, was another door. No, the world is cruel but it’s not illogical, it’s not what you think. When I peered my head out the doorframe, I saw a hallway. I didn’t recall Erwin’s lab being this huge, but I saw metal door upon metal door upon metal door, extending out way beyond any distance I could see from here.

— Near the start of Chapter 3: The Light of Day

I’ll be doing Last Few Words every day, sort of like a teaser really. This one skipped a LOT, mostly cause I managed to write 5,000+ today.


3 comments on “Day 1: End of the Beginning

  1. dhitzunako
    November 4, 2011

    Hi, Nicky! dhitz’s here, a Wrimos too. Hm, your idea in writing only the excerpt is somewhat clever, I think. Mind if I follow it?

    As for now, I post my first two chapter in my blog:

    I’m still not deciding whether I want to publish it as e-book or not (one thing for sure is it’s free, so I don’t really care about publisher doesn’t want to publish my book because it is already available online), so what do you think? Is publishing drafts in a blog is -really- a bad thing?

    Bye now. Tetep semangat!!!

    • thebangzats
      November 4, 2011

      Well it’s free, no reason not to. Just do it 😀

      As for drafts, I try to avoid spoilers in the blog, first Last Few Words post only revealed what I already have, second only shows Mittens’ paranoia, and third only shows how annoying Fillip is. It becomes sort of a teaser. I purposely post my story in the NaNo forums like this as well, along with the blog link, so people will know that when NaNo ends, this book would be a good read.

      Good luck with your NaNo 😀

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