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Spare Some Change?

A tribute to anti-habitat destruction

Spare Some Change? (October 2011)

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“Spare Some Change?” is a piece about habitat destruction, poverty and shame.

It depicts an orange crying octopus, hiding under a cardboard box. He holds a cardboard sign, with words written in marker: “Spare some change?”

The concept is, it’s been forced to live on land as a hobo because of habitat destruction. He becomes a homeless beggar, a remark on poverty, shown by its cardboard attire akin to that of hoboes. His sign, “Spare some change?”, has a double meaning: One is asking for money, and the other is a change in how people have treated it and its home.

The materials used were recycled colored paper (leftover from previous projects) and cardboard boxes (found as litter on the street). A grime effect is added using coffee to simulate the dirt and rain it would have to endure as a homeless octopus.

The piece tries to convey the message that this is what would happen if we don’t stop destroying animals’ habitats.


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